Bethesda Leadership Team: Roles and Responsibilities
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Bethesda Leadership Team

The Bible is very clear about how the church on earth is to be organized and managed. First, Christ is the head of the church and its supreme authority (Ephesians 1:22; 4:15; Colossians 1:18). Second, the local church is to be autonomous, free from any external authority or control, with the right of self-government and freedom from the interference of any hierarchy of individuals or organizations (Titus 1:5). Third, the church is to be governed by a spiritual leadership consisting of two main offices—elders and deacons.

The office of Elders is set aside for those who meet the high standards identified in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.  Their role is evidenced in verses such as Acts 6:1-7 where Deacons were first appointed to allow the Elders to concentrate on prayer and ministry of the word.  In 1 Peter 5:1-4, the Elders are encouraged to be ‘shepherds of the flock’, and so there is a strong pastoral element to the Elders duties.  The same verses talk about Elders being ‘overseers’, those who keep watch over and direct the work of the church.  This would include settling disputes as seen in Acts 16.  In short then, the role of Elders in Bethesda is to pray for the flock, preach the word, pastor the flock and preside over it (in humility as stated in Hebrews 13:17).

Likewise, the Biblical office of Deacons is set aside for men who meet the high standards identified in 1 Timothy 3:8-13.  The word comes from the Greek, ‘diakonos’, meaning to serve.  This is supported in Acts 6:1-4, where there was a need for Spirit filled men to help with the practical needs of the Church.  The aim then, is to identify Godly men able to serve in the different areas of ministry within Bethesda, making use of the gifts that God has given them.  Thus, the areas of ministry where the Deacons serve may change depending on the gifts of the men in post at a particular time.

The next page identifies the core areas of ministry within Bethesda Chapel.  Each area will be co-ordinated by one of the Elders or Deacons, with the aim of encouraging and developing the various works to fulfil the Church Vision.


Along with co-ordinating various areas of ministry, the Elders also take overall responsibility for the key services – Communion (JFoote, Mark Lonney, Roger Newberry , Dave Nurcombe); Family Service (Matt Lewis); and the Tuesday Prayer Meetings (MLonney).  Mark Lonney also fulfils the role of Church Secretary.



Areas of Ministry






Mark Lonney

Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis

David Nurcombe & John Foote

Noah’s Ark (KF)

Blast Friday (DD)

Murch Jaffa (DL)

Ladies Afternoon (MM)

Disoverers Inc (SD)

Blast Sunday (ER)

St. Andrews Jaffa (MGu)

Coffee Morning (SL)

Kidzone (SiJ)

Friday Night Youth (BP)

Quest - TBC

Men’s Breakfast (DN)

Open Days (ER)

Sunday Morning Youth (TF)

Seasonal Events (MLe)

Scallywags (SD)


Late Shift Friday (PR)

Pray for Schools (MLe)

“Young Wives” (KH)


Late Shift Sunday (HL)

Other (MLe)

Choir (MT)




Thursday Bible Study* (JF)





Music & Media

Matt Guy

Roger Newberry

David Nurcombe & John Foote

Steve Jones

Oasis TBC

 (inc. Books DM & Cards JR)

Pastoral Teams (RN)

Christianity Explored (RN)

Worship teams (StJ)

Missions e.g. Capernwray (SW)

Missionary support (RN)

Disclipleship Explored (RN)

Rotas for services (StJ)

Vale Foodbank (MGr)

Student Support (RN)

Baptism Classes (MLe)

Developing gift (StJ)

Christmas Parcels TBC


Marriage Courses


Bethel House TBC


Identifying needs of new Christians (All)








Roger Newberry

Doug Reed

John Lewis & 

Peter Lewis


Time Out (StJ)

Diary /Bookings 


Website (StJ)

Cuppa Night (MR)



Newsbox (MGu)

Table Tennis (MH)

Premises Safety Checks (Fire/Electrical/Gas


Notice Board 

Weekend Away (MT)

Rotas (Cleaning/Flowers/Tea&Coffee


Welcome/info packs (JE & MR)

Bible Study Weekends (MLo)

CRB Policy/ checks



Men’s Bus Pass   (JF)

Vulnerable Adults Policy




Data Protection Policy