The Role of the Deacons
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The present deacons of Bethesda are: Steve Jones, John Lewis,  Doug Reed,  Bob Davies and Trystan Foote

Our responsibilities  are  to Support the Elders in  the practical aspects of running the Church, which includes: 

(a) Premises Maintenance ( John Lewis/Trystan Foote)

(b) Administration (Doug Reed)

(c) Worship Music Group and Media (Steve Jones)

(d) Developing links with our Community (Bob Davies)


The above does not mean the Deacons must or can do everything themselves! We  are grateful for all members who assist with some of the tasks, and also for the prayer support.

The Deacons  also form part of the Bethesda Leadership Team,  where both Elders and Deacons meet  together regularly to discuss business matters,future plans for our services and  a outreach, together with pastoral care of  members of Bethesda.

We rely on the involement and prayer support of members, with whom we are privileged to serve and work together.