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Family Service Creche
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Please refer to Sarah Miller wth any queries/swap arrangements

Although responisbilities are assigned, please help each other as things dont always go to plan

August 2018            
5 Yvonne Sharon Elaine      
12 Ellie Sarah Katie      
19 Bex Rachel L Keri      
26 Tim Yvonne Sharon      
2 Elaine Ellie Katie     Set up
9 Darren Sarah Rachel L     Set down
16 Keri Yvonne Sharon     Snack
23 Elaine Sarah Katie      
30 Ellie Rachel L Bex      
7 Keri Tim Sharon      
14 Yvonne Sarah Elaine      
21 Ellie Darren Katie      
28 Rachel L Keri Sarah      
If there are any swaps, can you please let me know and I will update the rota