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Making our visitors to Family Service feel welcome is important!
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That initial welcome, smile, and greeting can mean so much to visitors to our Church!
Please be ready to greet visitors by 10.30am  and stay till 11.15 in case of late comers! One person from the team needs to stay outside through the whole service.
If you see anybody who looks like they don’t know where they are going or where they should be, point them in the right direction, especially children - if possible put them in touch with a Sunday School teacher. Introduce new visitors to another friendly face! to make them feel welome 
Keep Smiling!
If you are not available on this date please arrange a  swap
Team A  Sharon Wilson, Mark Hickey, Pam Protheroe  :   March, June,September, December,
Team B   Doug Reed, Val Grove, Lorna Welch                  :   January, April, July, October, 
Team C   Martyn Hall, Derrick Morse, Ruth Evans        :   February, May, August, November,