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Tuesday 28th August, 2012

Bethesda members and friends can join with us for our regular time of Bible Study and prayer. We pray for the needs of each other,our community and world issues, and also have a time of Bible study. Afterwards we have refreshments and a time of general catchup/fellowship

For one month we all meet in the Chapel, and then for a month we meet  in three groups as follows:

One Group know as 'The 2 John's Group' always meets in the Chapel every week...See John Foote or John Lewis for more info

The other 2 Groups, are organised  by Roger Newberry & Dave Nurcombe and David and Sarah  Dean meet in the  homes of members who live locally...please ask for more info!


DATE (TUESDAY) TOPIC Dave & Sarah HouseGroup       Meet at Home of: LEADING TOPIC Discussion: Rog & Dave House Group                     Meet at Home of: LEADING TOPIC Discussion: LEADING Prayer Time 2 Johns Group   Meet at Chapel LEADING TOPIC Discussion:
3rd Jan Prayer/Open Topic Dave & Sarah Dave Dean Jeff & Chris Roger Newberry Roger Newberry Chapel John Foote?
10th Jan  Judges Ch 2 Mark & Karen Paul Reed Mark & Emily Jeff Lacey Bob Davies Chapel John Foote?
17th Jan Ruth 1 Mark & Karen Mark Lonney Natalie Dave Nurcombe Trystan Foote Chapel John Foote?
24th Jan Ruth 2 Paul & Amy Matt Lewis Doug & Joy Doug Reed Jason Erickson Chapel John Foote?
31st Jan Ruth 3 Paul & Amy Jonathan Green Peter & Claire  Bob Davies Roger Newberry Chapel John Foote?